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Let data drive your business.

Real-time nursing home reporting that drives your bottom line and motivates your staff.

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Save Time. Save Money. Let Data Drive Your Business.

With an interactive interface and custom reporting tools, Megadata is your partner for the business decisions that impact your future.

By optimizing your business intelligence, we put your real-time data to work for your bottom line: targeting key performance indicators, identifying facility trends, and providing the actionable data you need to make profit-focused changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Megadata?

We are a powerful, expert-led reporting and analytics SaaS developed for the skilled nursing industry. We provide you with a best-in-class platform backed by business intelligence research, top-tier technology, and a leading development team with hands-on experience in nursing home operations.

2. How does Megadata help my business?

The first step to growing your nursing facility is understanding the key metrics that drive your business; tracking and respond to changes, trends, or downturns to maximize your profits. As a small nursing home group, you may rely on your own familiarity with your facilities through on-site visits to monitor and personally oversee your key data.

But as your facilities grow, your data strategy may not have grown with it–leaving you with outdated data, reports generated on average 30 days after the critical time frame, and lower profits each quarter.

At Megadata, we enable owners of nursing home groups to track all the key metrics, in real-time With customized reportings and up-to-the-minute data updates, we provide your data at your fingertips–allowing you and your administrators to make smarter, responsive decisions that build your business future.

With our hands-on training and executive education, we implement Megadata across all facilities and users to create a culture of smart data and business intelligence, empowering your team to track, assess, and respond to the metrics that make an impact on your bottom line.

3. How is Megadata tailored for the nursing home industry?

Megadata’s platform and back-end was designed to leverage the metrics, software, and employees that drive nursing home facilities.

Software Integration: Megadata integrates with top industry software for a efficient, seamless implementation without disruption to your current operations.

User-Friendly Interface: Megadata offers customizable, navigable reports and analytics that can be accessed anywhere and easily exported for offline use.

Training and Support: Megadata’s team provides on-site training to help you and your administrators understand business intelligence and make the most of your MegaData reports. measurable results.

Interdisciplinary Data: Megadata is an interdisciplinary platform, developed to collect and report all metrics of your business, including: Clinical | Financial | Billing/Collections | Census | Payroll/Time Clocks | Reimbursement | Pharmacy

4. How quickly can I implement my business intelligence with Megadata?

Megadata offers rapid integration with most major softwares along with on-site training to help you and your employees start creating a data-driven future as soon as possible.

When we’re up and running with your software, our training seminars help your team make the most of their reports and analytics. With our on-site evaluation and support, we work with executive-level staff to address specific pain points of each department, help each department develop data-driven processes, and enable you to see a multi-million dollar result faster than you thought possible.

Implementation for niche or legacy systems may require an extended timeline to develop a data-sharing system between platforms.

5. How does Megadata build a culture of data-driven decision making?

Our platform and expert team make it easy for your business to develop a business intelligence strategy for a data-driven future. With data behind your decisions, you can target specific areas of your business-making instant decisions to minimize loss, maximize profit, and take advantage of trends and changes.

Along with immediate data and easily navigable reports, Megadata provides on-the-job training to help your key employees leverage your business intelligence. With our nursing home expertise, we work one-on-one with each department to create data-driven processes that your employees can understand and immediately begin to use for a seamless transition to better business.