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“Megadata has transformed the way we do business, the way we think, and the way make the decisions that matter. From the ground-up, Megadata’s platform and team have helped my regional team build a true “data-driven culture”, using our updated data to effect needed change across our facilities. We’ve seen exceptional return on investment with Megadata, from increased profit margins to improved operations–we’re a better business with Megadata”

- Eli Gunzburg, CEO

“Megadata allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of our facilities, multiple times a day. With my real-time updates, I get critical census data from anywhere–helping me keep track of occupancy, identify any issues, and monitor my sales team to reach our target goals.”

- Andrea Lawrence, VP of Sales and Marketing

“Megadata absolutely turned around our budget management, almost immediately. Thanks to the Megadata’s smarter system, we now create a data-driven budget based on the information we have at our fingertips. In just a few clicks, we create an intelligence budget–that can be adjusted and calculated according to real-time data and cost drivers before integrating easily with our accounting software.”

- George Ammar, Chief Financial Officer

“Megadata is a great tool for cost reduction and labor management. I rely on the customized reports to keep me and my team updated on our operations–allowing us to make immediate personnel adjustments and labor changes for real, measurable results.”

- Brian Newman, SVP of Operations