Megadata Health Systems was founded with the purpose of forging a powerful bridge of data between the many facets of the Skilled Nursing industry.

With a thorough understanding from both the operational and financial perspectives, Megadata Health Systems provides your company with a complete analytical and reporting infrastructure, including a data warehouse, cutting edge business intelligence tools and our state-of-the-art cloud solution.


  • We build our systems using the SaaS model (Web-based cloud architecture).
  • With our  diverse experience across the many different disciplines of the industry, we are able to offer you a complete software strategy. We analyze all of your current systems and make recommendations for best long term results.
  • We create a nexus of all of your existing software systems including financial, clinical, billing and payroll.
  • We build a customizable data warehouse and user-friendly, progressive reporting tools which is hosted in our Cloud environment.
  • Megadata Health Systems is HIPAA compliant.


  • We do firsthand, on-premises implementation and a thorough analysis of your processes to help improve business efficiency.
  • We are experts on most of the prevalent nursing home software and can help with your complete software strategy.